Livestock Rubber Mats

Are you looking for high-quality livestock rubber mats? Here at AgMat, we provide the best rubber matting solutions for cows, horses, goats, sheep, and more to help farmers enhance the well-being of their animals – from the foot level upwards.

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Rubber cow matting

Having rubber matting on your cattle or dairy farm is a must.

Standing cows on concrete or gravel for extended periods can be hugely detrimental to their health, risking injury, nerve damage, lameness, and more. Such issues slow down the pace of your farm, thereby decreasing your milk flow and production.

Investing in your animal’s welfare is beneficial for both you and your cows. With our high-quality livestock mats, you can say goodbye to lameness and slipping issues and enjoy all the benefits of happy, healthy cows.

Livestock Rubber Mats

Outdoor livestock mats

Our outdoor mats for livestock keep your animals safe as they move about the farm. When placed over any concrete or gravel that could otherwise harm your animals, our rubber matting solutions can improve cow flow by reducing the stress of heading to and from the milking shed.

Our outdoor rubber mats are reinforced by integral steel cables that make them extremely durable and heavy-duty. The non-porous rubber surface of our matting has superior traction and grip to minimise slippage of heavy livestock whatever the weather. Guaranteed to last a minimum of twenty years, these products can withstand a daily influx of a cattle herd.

Cow rubber matting

Designed for all dairy farmers looking to improve the welfare of their cows, our livestock mats are the ideal solution to covering the hard surface of barn flooring. Make your cows’ experience as they head into the dairy shed or feed pad as positive as possible by providing them with rubber matting that mimics the buoyancy of grass.

Our rubber mat solutions can decrease slips and injuries by 80%, significantly reducing the stress placed on cows. By ensuring the happiness and health of your livestock, you can improve the production on your farm and profit from increased milk sales.

Rubber mats for horses

At AgMat, we should be your go-to for stable mats. Many horses spend long periods standing in wash bays, stables, and horse floats, and the hard flooring of these spaces can be detrimental to the health of your equine companions.

With heavy-duty equine matting, you can provide comfort to your horses. The top surface of these mats is much softer and safer to stand on than barn flooring, reducing pressure on the joints and hoof of your animals.

Why rubber matting is the best

The rubber mats that we provide here at AgMat are high-quality livestock mats designed to enhance the welfare of all the animals on your farm.

Some of the benefits of our rubber mats include:

More eco-friendly

Our livestock mats are all made of recycled rubber, therefore preventing the material from going into landfills.


We know durability is essential to take the weight of your cattle.

Better safety

Reducing lameness and improving the welfare of your animals is something we take very seriously here at AgMat.


Your initial investment is guaranteed to last you a minimum of twenty years.

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