X Grip Tiles

Dairy And Beef Matting

Product details

X Grip is a premium top quality tile that has been designed endure machinery and cattle for many years. Its hard wearing compound makes it the perfect choice on Feedpads or high traffic areas.

With its checker plate profile X Mat is not lacking grip, giving them the confidence to move freely, reduce stress and greatly improves cow flow. The studded underside creates a soft and forgiving surface that will reduce impact and protects hoof tissue from unnecessary trauma and damage.


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Thickness (mm)


  • Large tiles covers a big area in a short time
  • Improved traction minimizing slipping
  • Non-slip surface gives great cow flow
  • Four sided interlocking system
  • Can be stepped reducing the amount of wastage
  • Recessed anchor points built into mat
  • Huge reduction in fall injuries
  • Made from 50% virgin and 50% recycled rubber for maximum sustainability and durability
  • Minimum Life guarantee 10yrs
  • Studded base for allowing for drainage and air pockets for comfort

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