What are some frequently asked questions we get from customers?

How well does the rubber matting wash down?

There is a common misconception regarding the cleaning of rubber matting, rubber is an impervious surface which means dirt will not stick to it, as long as you can get water onto it the dirt and grit will let go, making it an easy surface to clean – no harder then washing down concrete.


Can agricultural matting handle machinery driving on it over a long period of time?

If you are thinking about installing cow matting onto a feedpad or yard that you are regularly driving on, you want to make sure the the rubber product you purchase is going to go the distance. Our AgMat products come with a 10 yr warranty to give our customers confidence that the rubber wont stretch or warp overtime.


Why do farmers install rubber mats in milking sheds?

Installing rubber matting in your cowshed is a crucial place to start, it can help to reduce the milking time, improves cow flow through the shed, reduces slips and falls and most of all reduces the wear/whiteline on the cows hoof. Some cowsheds require the cows to preform a sharp turn when entering or exiting the shed, this is usually the first place you will notice wear on the concrete and is usually the first place we suggest using our AgMat rubber solutions.


Will cattle lie down on rubber matting?

Yes, rubber is a soft natural product that gives them the confidence and comfort to lie down with no trouble getting back to there feet.


How is the matting fastened to the concrete?

To fasten our AgMats to the concrete we use a 8mm x 50mm concrete anchor.


Can Dairy or Equine matting be laid on a gravel surface?

If you are looking at laying rubber on a compacted metal or dirt surface we suggest using AgMat Dairy Grip rolls as these have no interlocks. Although in horse stables you can lay tiles onto metal as they don’t see as much traffic as your average Dairy Farm.



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