Ultra Grip Tiles

Dairy and Equine Matting

Product details

Our premium Ultra Grip comfort mat is designed to provide your herd with a soft surface that reduces the impact on hooves and allow cows to stand off for long periods of times. Best used on Yards and Feedpads.

With a hexagon Grip surface and soft compounds it provides cows with all the required grip. Installing Ultra Grip mats will reduce stress, aches and stone bruises.


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Thickness (mm)


  • Studded base for drainage and self cleaning
  • Strong interlocking system designed to seal off moisture
  • Recessed anchor points for easy installation
  • Proved and tested rubber that can handle the conditions
  • Minimum life guarantee 10yrs
  • Can be Scraped, hosed and Floodwashed

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