Rubber Applications

Where can you use our AgMat Rubber Solutions

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Where to use

Agricultural Rubber matting can be used in a wide range of applications – check our just some of the areas that benefit from rubber matting


Entry & Exit Mats
Yard Mats
Underpass Mats
Rotary Platforms Mats
Race/Track Mats
Wash Bay Mats
Circular Yard Mats
Standoff Mats
Horse Stable Mats
Holding Yard Mats
Herringbone Mats
Laneway Mats
Pit Floor Mats
Feedpad Mats
Cow Bedding Mats

What Our Clients Say

We have used AgMat for rubber matting in our new covered feedpad and round yard. They have been good at purchasing and laying the rubber mats and Edward has a good knowledge on the right matting for the area to be covered.
Hayden Goble

I really believe in looking after my cows, by providing more comfort for the girls underfoot. After all they are our money earners. They do walk long distances to and from the milking shed.
Harj Singh

At first, I tried the product on part of the feed pad. It’s a flood wash on a reasonable slope. I wanted to observe the cows movements to be sure there was enough traction to stop the slipping issues.
Kevin Baxter

The first bunch of cattle to go on the rubbered yard were heifers. I noticed as soon as they got off the concrete yard onto the newly rubbered yard they just calmed right down. What a great finished investment.
John Magill

At first I thought what a huge cost, is it ever going to pay for itself?, a few weeks later I have seen the benefits and noticed how much less lameness and injuries we are getting on the yard. Now I have no doubt.
Logan King

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