Agricultural Rubber Matting NZ

Specializing in the safety and welfare of both animals and people from foot level upwards, providing NZ farmers with the highest quality rubber matting.

See the difference

Improve Your Land’s Yield

Avoid pugging and damaged pastures in the wet seasons by standing cows off on comfortable rubber matting.

Enhance your animal welfare

Comfortable cows are the key to success. Watch your cows’ confidence and production improve on rubber matting.

Maximise your working time

Reduce your cattle downtime and maximise your production by greatly reducing lameness in your herd.

What We Do

Specializing in the safety and welfare of people and animals from foot level upwards, AgMat is dedicated to providing New Zealand Farmers with high-quality farm rubber matting solutions to improve the way you farm.

If you are trying to improve cow flow, we make it our job to help improve the way you farm and, best of all, increase your production. Think of rubber matting as a carpet for livestock – it is far more comfortable than the hard surfaces underfoot.

We have been servicing farmers since the early 2000s and have helped thousands of farmers throughout New Zealand solve lameness and slipping issues. Ever since we started servicing farmers we have put customers first and always made sure we are completing jobs to the highest standards.


We provide the best rubber matting solutions to farmers. Rubber is like a carpet for cows – enhancing their safety, comfort, and well-being for an affordable price is what we do.

Rubber Mats NZ


If you have problems with cattle slipping or lameness, AgMat has you covered. By supplying the dairy industry with high-quality rubber solutions we are helping farmers all over New Zealand solve problems and create more workable farms.

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Rubber Mats NZ


What better way to create a calm, quiet and relaxed environment than installing AgMat in your deer pens? We have a solution to every problem with our wide range of rubber mats.

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Rubber Mats NZ


Giving your horses sufficient grip and making sure they are comfortable is very important. You can save money on both bedding and concrete as equine matting can be laid on compacted metal. Our well-proven range of equine mats can be installed in stables, wash bays, and much more.

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Rubber Mats NZ


Our cattle matting solutions at AgMat will greatly reduce slipping and hoof damage in beef cattle. Installing rubber in high-pressure areas where cattle are pushing is crucial for their safety and welfare.

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Purchasing a product that is required to be installed to a high standard is not a problem. We can take care of this for you on location.

Saving time and making sure it suits the safety regulations required is all part of the professional service we offer. Do it once, do it right to get the long term results. We also can give customers who prefer to install themselves the assistance they may require.

Improving the welfare of cows with rubber matting

With AgMat rubber matting solutions, you improve the safety and well-being of your cows.

Some of the many advantages of providing a safe environment for your livestock include:

  • Relaxed Cows. Relaxed and calm cows produce more milk.
  • Improved cow flow. Improves cow flow onto yard and through the shed
  • Increased grip. Provides grip which reduces slipping and falls
  • Easy to clean. Rubber is Non-porous and are easier to clean than concrete.
  • Fewer injuries, lameness, and fear
  • Improved cow confidence

We design our products for you to place on hazardous floors on your farm. Adding cow shed mats to your farm decreases slippage by up to 80%, providing a far safer space for your cattle to move around in. 

Cows are far less likely to slip over on the rubber mat, reducing traumatic injuries.

How AgMat rubber matting works

Our heavy-duty products are guaranteed to withstand a daily influx of cattle for at least twenty years. This system prevents breakdown, stretching, and warping, and is also incredibly easy to clean. The initial price you pay for this investment will more than pay for itself.

The steel cabling system within our Dairy Grip industrial rubber mats can easily withstand heavy impact from livestock and machinery such as automatic scrapers, tractors, or skid steers.

The process of installation is entirely painless. It only takes a few hours, and we have all the tools and skills necessary to do it for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, we are happy to come along and assist.

Herd your cows more easily than ever when you cover your tracks with rubber matting. Ensuring efficient tracks with good surfaces is critical to helping cows feel comfortable walking in a herd.

Cows love environments that are familiar and comfortable. Whereas concrete floors are a foreign, stressful, and hazardous material to cows, rubber floor mats function as a carpet for cows, because they feel like grass.

While cows tend to dislike change, installing these mats is more efficient long term, as the cows will adapt and not be overly fearful of the dairy space.

The environmental choice for cow safety

We source our rubber matting products for sale from Rubbergem, a company that recycles rubber from some of the world’s leading rubber brands. Because of the product’s durability and flexibility, you will no longer have to waste your time maintaining tracks by filling potholes or using excessive concrete.

Let’s show animal safety and welfare leadership as the biggest dairy exporter by using rubber floor mats.

What are you waiting for?

The products we stock at AgMat are extra durable and environmentally friendly. Contact us today or check out our online stores to find out what we can do for you.

What Our Clients Say

We have used AgMat for rubber matting in our new covered feedpad and round yard. They have been good at purchasing and laying the rubber mats and Edward has a good knowledge on the right matting for the area to be covered.
Hayden Goble

I really believe in looking after my cows, by providing more comfort for the girls underfoot. After all they are our money earners. They do walk long distances to and from the milking shed.
Harj Singh

At first, I tried the product on part of the feed pad. It’s a flood wash on a reasonable slope. I wanted to observe the cows movements to be sure there was enough traction to stop the slipping issues.
Kevin Baxter

The first bunch of cattle to go on the rubbered yard were heifers. I noticed as soon as they got off the concrete yard onto the newly rubbered yard they just calmed right down. What a great finished investment.
John Magill

At first I thought what a huge cost, is it ever going to pay for itself?, a few weeks later I have seen the benefits and noticed how much less lameness and injuries we are getting on the yard. Now I have no doubt.
Logan King

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